Well, this is my blog…it’s great

This blog is here to describe a place and its profile.  It lets me go from being an outsider to an insider to the building and all the opportunities available within it.  The Audience will be readers of Stoutonia which is the University Wisconsin-Stout school newspaper.  The Audience Stoutonia readers because they offer a writting level that has an informal vibe to it.  Writting informally is much easier to me because I can let my words flow directly from my mind rather than putting them through a filter to make it sound fancy and complicated.  I always think back to when my Dad and I put a TV together in our basement.  For the instructions on how to set up the channels and SMART programs, there was a 20 page complicated section that was horribly hard to follow, but in the beginning there was a single page labeled “The simplified instructions.”  This was funny because I bet absolutely no one used the complicated textbook instructions.  Being an insider on a place can grant many new freedoms and opportunities.  This is the main reason why it is beneficial for me to learn about this place.